Monday, March 28, 2016

Experience With Single Remedy Rubric

I remember this case whenever i hear Single remedy rubric from Anyone.
A small boy of five year of age was very restless on the college opd waiting room. he was very obstinate not hearing to anyone. he was obstinate and just wanted to do whatever he want. 
by hearing all these noise from that boy and of his father i came out and just observed him for a while with all these temper the boy was suffering from cough since two days as father told me when i asked what happened to him.
the cough was very peculiar in nature whenever the bout of cough comes boy has to strain a lot for coughing. his father told that he became very obstinate because of this and not at all listening to any one.
i was wondering what to do in this case because nothing else peculiar i could find.
I just opened my Repertory and Searched..

In Complete Dynamics i just entered Words "Cough Strain Peevish"

and i got surprised when i show the result The Repertory gave me the Exact Rubric which i never had came across before.

Cough : Straining; Children, in Peevish

Only One drug is there and That is Belladonna. I always ask to my software for the source of the remedy and again i was surprised by the source "Hahnemann"

I was bit curious that where master wrote it and i found this 

In Materia Medica Pure : Belladonna Hahnemann Wrote it exactly What i was looking for.

Without giving any second thought I prescribed Belladonna 1M.

with in two days child became absolutely healthy in all way.

Repertory Rocks.

Hail Hahnemann, Hail Homoepathy