Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mac Repertory Vs Complete Dynamics

I have been using Complete Dynamics the repertory software since 3 years and i am very much acquainted with it. Recently i have started to switch over myself to use "Mac repertory." 
As a human nature the comparison between these two were started since day one and i realised each software has its own uniqueness.

we are now a days using bigger repertories so frequently that they are now like a part of our daily life. 

when i started using Complete repertory in Mac R i have found a lacuna in its presentation which if They correct it will be very much useful for the users.

These type of bigger repertory has many additions from many different sources. we all know the Importance of the sources of the remedy that is to say from where that remedy has been added into that particular rubric. 

for example 

when we open Mind chapter Rubric fear there are so many remedies in it so at that moment of time we always look for the source of that particular remedy that is to say from where it has been added.

For Ex 
Mind; Fear and in that if we go to remedy Cal-Sil Mac repertory shows just name of SCHMIDT as a source.

"EXCELLENT" but is it the only source ? the question came into my mind and then i went to the software Complete Dynamics having same version of Complete Repertory 2015 to check it. 
As CD is the software dedicated to the complete repertory so i went it check in it.

and to my surprize i found out this which is something eyeopener.

the software not only showing the name of SCHMIDT but with that it shows other references too like BLACKIE, KENT, RUSSELLtoo. In that software when you do "RIGHT CLICK" On particular Remedy the Dialogue Box comes and in that you go for "REMEDY INFORMATION" you will find Complete detail of the source from which that remedy has been added.

if i go with the reference of SCHMIDT may be i can miss the remedy just because i dont have the actual source of the remedy. 
Anyone cannot deny if that remedy comes from the reference like kent, blackie but one can question if it only shows the name of schmidt or other newer "unknown names".
this is only one example i have Put it here but there are many like this. 
I thinks it is very useful to get complete information about the reference particularly for the big repertories.