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Gender: Female
Age: 22 years
Profession: Student of BSc
Marital Status: Un-married

Chief Complaints:

She has complain of Pimples since last 6 years. It was started from 11th STD.
She has taken Allopathic medicines for it. And if she does not take it than pimple would appear again. She said that she is dependent on Allopathic medicines, like a kind of Addiction about them.
She said that the Look was her priority and she is not comfortable in communication with friends when there was pimples.
Pimples are Pustular. [3] White, offensive and thick pus [3] painful [2]
Worse by drinking milk [2] and mental stress [3]
Other Complaints:

Sometimes she has headache. Headache esp. after crying [2]

Personal Medical History:

She had ovarian cyst. Right side.
Recurrent cold and cough in childhood. No Such attacks now. Treated by Allopathic medicines.
Mumps & Chicken pox

Family Medical History:

Mother and Father both have High Blood pressure.
Grand Father (P) was died due to heart attack at age of 56 years.
Physical Generals:

She is chilly [2]
Dreams of Horror [2]
Desires sweet [3] Disagree spicy food [2]
Thirst is less [2] not frequent, wants chilled water every-time [3]

Mental/Emotional Sphere:

By nature she is calm, kind and helpful. Takes on trifles calmly, rarely becomes angry. For her freedom matters a lot in life. Childhood was the most enjoyable time when there was a free life, no stress.
She has told that 12th std. was life turning for her. She got less percentages in examination and she was very much disappointed from it. She has guilt that she has not fulfilled the expectations of her parents.
By that time she felt weakness. Life was stressful. She lacks interest in studies. She said that comparing to as my school time, nowadays work & study is so much difficult for her. 
In school time, she was a bright student, standing in 1-5 ranks. Competitive sense was full at that time. She also has interest in extra curriculum activities. She liked to take parts in different-different competitions.
But now no such energy is there. Seems all skills are taken away by God.
She loves Attention of others. She said that she felt very well when others gave her attention and value, even in school time it was very great feeling to get attention among few students.
Now, she feels that no skills are there as before. She is unable to speak in between public or on stage.
This condition of her is stressful for her. She said that she felt inferiority, I know that I am superior but if some-one punished me or scolded me than I am unable to oppose. Though I am not wrong but I have no guts to oppose them. I just accept what they have told me and leave to the God.
Stress makes her sleepless at nights. Many times she gets better by Weeping. She said that I get rid my inner stress by crying purposefully. She cries in alone.
She is conscious about her look. She is unable to go outside or communicate with friend when there is pimples on face. She has admitted that she felt Jealous when someone other is looking prettier than her.
She likes to travel much. She loves places where there is water and also natural resorts.
She loves to help other, esp. poor and orphan people. Because there is no one to support them.
She has fear to go alone at night, feels horror [2]
Fear of Speed, feels accident would occur [2]



Eruption on skin is reversible condition mostly occurs in teen age due to hormonal imbalance.

Pathology of this case is mostly on physical plane. That is to on a skin. When making prognosis we can conclude by the case that complain is reversible and curable by looking in case history, case is on Group A.

She had ovarian cyst in past, was resolved by itself and patient has recurrent cold and cough in childhood. So, it confirms that patient is on a Group A.

Hereditary predisposition is on deeper level but still patient is not getting affected by those predisposition conditions.

From the case & personal as well as family medical history, we can conclude that Patient is in Level 3 of Group A.

  Selection of Symptoms

1.     Peculiar:
Yielding +2
Weeping ameliorates +2
Sweet desire +3
Desire spicy food +2

2.     Intense:
Pustular Pimples +3
White, thick, offensive discharges +3
Aggravation by Milk +2



   Differentiation of Remedies

“Lyco.” – weeping disposition is not as marked in Lycopodium as comparing to patient’s intensity.

“Puls.” – yielding disposition, weeping tendency, dreams and other physicals with the essence of drug is matching with Patient’s complain. So, it would be drug of Choice.

“Phos.” – There is no such desire aversion markedly present and yielding disposition is not present as compare to Puls.


Pulsatilla and 1M would be choice of potency because the case belongs to upper group with marked symptomatology.

Follow Up:

Second consultation after 15 days from first consultation:
On second day Patient had mild aggravation in all the complaints but after that she was getting ameliorated.
The discharge is not so much now and pimple getting healed But still she has symptomatology so given placebo for one month.

 Third consultation:
Patient had an acute but it was milder than usual so advised to wait and watch.
After that she was still improving so again placebo prescribed for month.

 Fourth consultation:
The main complain again started. New Pimple is now appearing. Discharge is increased so she required repetition of the remedy. Puls 1M prescribed followed by placebo for 15 days.

  Fifth consultation:
Again there was an aggravation for 2 – 3 days followed by amelioration. Placebo prescribed for one month.

Sixth consultation:
Better in all complaints no repetition needed placebo given for one month.

 Seventh Consultation:
Patient is better in all complaints. Energy is increased. Emotionally also patient is better than before. All the eruption went. No medicine needed.

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