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A case Piles - Dr. E. W. Berridge, M. D.,

—November 23d, 1871. Mrs. set 30. Subject to piles for four or five years; two years ago they were bad for three days. Was confined seven weeks ago, and piles have been worse since; very bad for last month. They are now internal, but at first were external. During and after stool, throbbing, burning and smarting in piles, with shooting upwards which catches the breath; also dull aching in coccyx and sacrum, extending around sides of pelvis; all this lasts for six or seven hours after stool. Stool once in from two to four days, otherwise natural. The pain makes her feel faint, trembling, sick, inclined to move about, hot, and as if she would lose her senses; the pain at anus is better when -landing than when lying. Has taken, by the advice of a professed homeopathic physician, Acon., Nux 3 and Sulph. 3, without relief.

Diagnosis of the remedy.—Boenninghausen's Repertory gives " shooting in rectum stopping the breath, Sulph." This I took as the key-note or starting point and finding that this remedy corresponded fairly with the other symptoms, I gave one dose of CM (Fincke).

Nov. 29th. Piles are gone; pain much less, lasting only two hours after stool; still costive; the pain was bad yesterday, but better all the other days; much less weakness, trembling, heat, and feeling of losing senses; the shooting does not catch the breath so much.

April 10th, 1872. Perfectly recovered within a week, and has remained so to this day.


(1) The value of key-notes or characteristics is here shown ; a key-note is not a symptom on which we prescribe without reference to the rest, but it is a symptom so characteristic of the remedy, that we almost always find the remaining symptoms covered by it also ; hence a knowledge of key-notes saves much trouble in the selection of a remedy.
(2) The superiority of the high over the low potencies is also shown. It also proves that Fincke's fluxion potencies are not low potencies, as some have ignorantly or maliciously asserted; else how would they cure after the bona fide low potencies failed?

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