Thursday, May 17, 2018

CLINICAL CASES - Dr. C. Lippe, M. D.,

Case I.—A lady had for several days frequent diarrhoeic stools, commencing in the morning on rising, sudden urging, gushing, accompanied with flatulence, the stool spattering all over the vessel; the frequent movements had produced considerable prostration. A single dose of Natrum sulphuricam was given in the CM potency of Fincke. The frequent movements gradually ceased during the day, and no more medicine was given. The following morning the loose evacuations did not return, and the patient, with the exception of a little feeling of weakness, as well. Sulphur and Aloes have the morning diarrhea, but the patient is compelled to arise from the desire to evacuate. The Sulphur patient has colic before a loose evacuation; Aloes, rumbling of flatulence before stool.

Case II.—The patient complains of a sore throat; on examination, find ulcer on both tonsils more on the right side, with external swelling of that side of the throat; j^ainful to touch; of course there is considerable inflammation and difficulty of swallowing. The history of the case informed me that the pain commenced on the left side and progressed to the other side. On the experiment, found that cold liquids were easier swallowed than warm fluids. Lachesis CM (Fincke), was given one dose; the following day the patient reports no better, but is no worse; no medicine; the following day much better; in a day was well. This was a clear case for the remedy, and the indications have been verified many times during the winter, especially the easier swallowing of cold fluids. Lycopodium has the swelling, pain, and ulceration commencing on the right side, extending to the left, and the greater facility of swallowing warm liquids. 

In these acute cases, when the proper remedy has been selected, and just enough, sufficient for that patient has been administered, it is often found that in the first twenty-four hours there is no improvement. If an improper (non-homoeopathic) remedy had been administered, the case would progress from bad to worse; if too much medicine, or in too often-repeated doses, there would likely be an aggravation; but finding the case apparently in status quo my judgement was that the proper remedy had been given, and just enough, and the next day proved this view correct. In giving one dose and watching the case, experience has taught me that my cases convalesce more rapidly. In case of a progress of the disease after being twenty-four hours stationary, the symptoms being similar to the previous condition, then a powder of a different generally higher) potency might be dissolved in water, a teaspoonful given every one or two hours, for four or five hours, and the result waited for; if an improvement follows, no matter how slight, let the remedy act until its action has been exhausted.


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