Saturday, March 11, 2017

Get Rid Of Universal Syndromes..... - Need Never Rebuild.

Laziness of the practitioner is a universal syndrome in most professions (Homœopaths Are suffering more). Statements like "I am doing well enough; I am satisfied; why make more efforts; why study more?" are all arguments that do not hold up under scrutiny. Why bother to check facts when you can quote a new guru-Homœopath's opinion who charmed your shoes off yesterday? Then there is Arrogance: "I am a great practitioner. I do Better than Most." Indifference is another prevalent emotion: " I can't spend My time investigating what Hahnemann did in his 'senile' years."  may be practitioner is guided by misplaced Egotism: "I want to do my own version of Homœopathy. Homœopathy did not stop with Hahnemann. He would have been proud with my experiments." Yes, it is the duty of every generation to go beyond the last one.
Hering once said: "it is the duty of all of us to go further in the theory and practice homeopathy than Hahnemann has done. we ought to seek truth, which is before us and forsake the errors of the past" 
Homœopathy has evolved considerably in last 150 years. nevertheless, Homœopaths still have much to learn from what Hahnemann taught in his works. I doubt he would be proud if we are shining against and omitting basic laws and rules. I do agree that too much dogma is always counterproductive and that an open mind is an important part of growth. I can hope that we all can progress beyond Hahnemann's knowledge, but we are not arrive there by denying that the organon had anything to do with it. The organon is the text on which Homœopathic healing is based. I never thought it was religious document to be followed blindly, but I do treat it with utmost respect, because without it there would be no Homœopathy. 
Insults from "well-known" Homœopaths such as "religious dogma," "stuck in the past," and "that old dusty bible," are used to undermine the careful observations of several generations of experienced Homœopaths. To "modernize" Homœopathy by ignoring its legacy is like throwing the baby out with bath water. it is like building the proverbial house on a base of sand instead of rock. As soon as the wind of difficulty blow, and the rains of hard times fall, the house will come crashing down. 

Eclectics building upon the uncertain sands of theory need to be continually rebuilding, as each new theory causes a shifting of their foundation. Homœopaths, building upon unchangeable rock of law, Need Never Rebuild. -- Dr. J. T. Kent (Minor Writings)