Thursday, March 9, 2017


"It ought not to cause astonishment that for such very acute outburst of latent psora the antipsoric remedies are not suitable, therefor, that spirit. vini sulphuratus (or even Graphites, which is such an excellent Homœopathic remedy for erysipelas of the face) was not suitable in the face-erysipelas fever of your wife. These remedies are appropriate for the slow, radical cure of the Causa Prima of the face erysipelas. Now unantipsoric remedies (like Rhus tox. in your case), which correspond to the present transient morbid picture, are the appropriate medicines; they can quickly quell the exciting acute explosion, so that condition calm down again into latent psora, to which these remedies have little or no affinity"
Life and letters of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann ; T. L. Bradford, p.184

Hahnemann clearly separated true acute disease from pseudo-acute disorders caused by flare up of the psoric miasm. They both represents acute like states but a true acute disease is caused by an external exciting cause while pseudo- acute disease is actually crisis produced by the flare up of chronic miasm. Hahnemann suggested stapf administer acute anti psoric remedies for the crisis and then return to the administration of deep acting anti-psoric. Hahnemann suggested the use of  acute intercurrents during severe crisis and chronic anti-psoric treatment for the underlying cause associated with psora. 

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