Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A case of sciatica - Dr. Lippe

Mr. D., aged 64 years, had suffered from herpes, especially on his lower extremities, which had disappeared after taking various tinctures, and after using some external applications. He had suffered for some weeks from pains in his liver, and violent pains in the right sciatic nerve. He had taken two remedies, Colocynth and Carbo-veg. in alternation. They had formerly relieved his sciatica, but this time this faulty, pretending-to-be homoeopathic treatment had done no good.

I visited him for the first time on the 2nd of August, and found him very much prostrated; he was lying in a recumbent position, and every effort to move, or to sit up, but more than all, the least effort to stand or to walk, made the pain in the right sciatic nerve more violent. The liver pained him more on motion. The constipation had continued for some days, the eyes and skin had a yellowish tint, urine scanty and very dark, fever worse in the afternoon, and total sleeplessness for some nights added to his sufferings; the tongue was coated yellowish, and thirst was not present.

He received one single dose of Lachesis 15M at 1 p.m. The improvement began that night, when he perspired freely, and slept several hours; all his symptoms disappeared gradually in the inverse order to that in which they had developed themselves; the symptoms appearing last disappearing first. On the 9th of August he was able to walk about without any pain, his appetite had returned, and all functions were regularly performed. He has been well ever since, with the exception of the herpes; this reappeared again, and was improving under a dose of Petroleum when I last saw him.

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