Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Keynote system - A bit more - Henry Guernsey MD

"A few examples, by way of illustration, may not at this juncture be misplaced.

Being called in consultation recently, in a case of dysmenorrhoea, where a great variety of symptoms presented themselves, I was much struck with the devout, beseeching, earnest and ceaseless talking of the patient, and at once suggested to the attending physician the exhibition of Stramonium.

Upon comparing symptoms, he replied that all her symptoms were not under the head of that remedy, but agreed to the use of Stram., as he could suggest nothing else, adding that if it cured her, "he would cease to believe in the doctrine of totality."

I replied that Stram. was undoubtedly the remedy, and if it were properly proven, and on every variety of temperament and condition, all of her symptoms would be found in the record of its pathogenesis.

Stramonium 200 was given, and it quieted her at once, and all her other symptoms speedily vanished, inversely as they had appeared. Her peculiar talking was the last symptom to manifest itself and the first to disappear, and when present in disease in either sex is a key-note to Stramonium.

In cases of haemorrhage, where the blood forms itself into a resemblance to long black strings hanging from the bleeding orifice, Crocus will be the remedy; not for the haemorrhage alone, but for the whole chain of symptoms presented by the patient. The haemorrhage being last to appear, will be the first to be removed, and by not now interfering with the curative action in progress, giving no other medicine, and allowing a sufficient time for the action of the dose, the remaining symptoms, constituting the whole condition that has led up to the haemorrhage, with its characteristic peculiarity, will be dissipated, inversely as they have appeared.

When, in colicky children, an appearance of red sand is discerned in the diaper, we know that Lycopodium is indicated. By the action of that remedy the whole disordered condition of the little one will be removed; the whole chain of disordered action that culminated in this phenomena of the urine. The urine indicates Lycopodium, is the key-note in the case for that remedy, and the balance of the little patient's symptoms will be found under it and be removed by it.

I am permitted to refer to the following case, extracted from one of the numerous letters sent me on this subject. In a case of typhoid fever, the last and worst of a malignant epidemic, where the disease had resisted the action of all the medicines given, and the attending and consulting physicians despaired of saving the boy,-a previously healthy, robust lad of sixteen years,-he was restored to his former rugged condition through the action of a remedy suggested solely by a "key-note" symptom.

My friend writes:-"As I went to his bedside one evening, I noticed a peculiar convulsive movement of the head, such as I had not before noticed in this or any other case, viz., the head jerked itself clear of the pillow, and then fell immediately back; this being constantly repeated. I at once recalled your key-note, for Stramonium.

I went to my office, and on comparing the symptoms of the case with the symptomatology of that remedy, I was struck with the wonderful correspondence. I then gave repeated doses of the 3d dilution, acting on my colleague's advice, but in twenty-four hours saw no improvement. The 30th was then given with no favourable result. I then gave a single dose of Stram. 200, at night, and was delighted to see a smile on the face of the anxious mother when I called next morning. 'Henry became quiet,' she said, 'very soon after taking the medicine, and has, for the first time, slept quietly.' His convalescence was steady from this period. I gave no other medicine for ten or twelve days. Stramonium saved him, and your 'key-note' given me in the class was my only guide to it."

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