Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Instructive case - E.B. Nash MD

"Mrs. B-, aged 40, spare, dark complexion, dark hair and blue eyes, wry neck, seven months pregnant, was taken with pains in the finger joints, with some swelling (but not marked). She had been broken of her nights rest for a long time, taking almost the whole care of a daughter, afterwards a son, the first with typhoid fever, and the last with typhoid pneumonia. There were pains in other parts, especially chest, apparently in the intercostal muscles; also in the shoulders, but the worst in the finger joints.

The only way she could get any relief so as to sleep when she could lie down was to envelope the painful fingers in mustard. I finally, after trying Actea spicata 30th without avail, put her upon Caulophyllum 3x in solution, once in three hours. This relieved the pains in the fingers, but brought on bearing down uterine pains so severe that she stopped the medicine for fear she would miscarry.

The bearing down pains subsided and the finger pains returned in full force and continued until she was delivered, when they ceased for two or three days. Then the lochial discharges, instead of gradually decreasing, increased until they amounted to a real metrorrhagia, much aggravated by the least movement. The flow was of a passive nature, dark and liquid, with some clots. There was great weakness and sense of trembling from weakness, although there was no visible trembling, and now, to crown her sufferings, the finger pains began to return with great severity.

Cinchona, Arnica, Sabina, Secale and Sulphur did no good. I was afraid of Caulophyllum for the reason that it brought on the bearing down pains before she was confined. But I now concluded to try it high. Gave it in the 200 potency and cured the whole case without any more trouble."

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