Monday, March 26, 2018

Clinical Cases - Dr. E. W. BERRIDGE

1. Sexual Weakness. — 1877, July 17th, Mr. has been married two months. For two years has had emissions, at first about every two months, but since marriage very often: they occur during sleep and are accompanied by amorous dreams. Does not feel any escape of semen during coition. Erection too short; sexual pleasure slight, and only experienced at the commencement of coition. The greater the desire for coition the greater is the emission some hours after the act. 

Diagnosis of Remedy.—
Emissions after coition: Baryt., Kali carb., Nat. Mur., Phos., Rhod.
Emissions with dreams: Baryta, Kali carb., Phos., Rhod., (with many others which have not the forgoing symptom.)
Emission without force: Con., Phos.

The list is thus reduced to Phos., and as this remedy produces depression as well as the exaltation of the sexual functions, I gave him one dose of M.M. (Fincke). 
Oct. 12th. Reports that emissions ceased in a week, and did not return until last night, then one occurred soon after coition without intervening sleep; on waking felt miserable; after coition feels exhausted. Phos. M.M. (Fincke) one dose.
Feb. 10th., 1878. Reports that emissions have ceased for three months: sexual power and pleasure normal. Depression of the sexual powers being the secondary action of Phos., this cure by a high potency not only shows that the secondary symptoms (to which Hahnemann at first attached no importance, though he altered his views later) possess diagnostic value, but that Dr. E. M. Hale's so-called "law of dose'' is inaccurate.

2. Piles.—1879, Mrs. had a pile on the left side of the anus, large, with the appearance of black veins; frequent ineffectual desire for stool, with nausea and loss of appetite. In the pile, there is a dull, aching pain, with occasional burning and shooting upward; relief from lying down, worse from sitting and standing.

Diagnosis of Remedy. — Piles better by lying down, Amm., Card., Arsen.
Piles worse sitting, Arse., (and many others.).

The Materia Medica shows that Arsen. had also the burning shooting in piles, and one dose of C. M. (Skinner's F. C.) was given in the evening. Next day she was very much better; bowels acted naturally and she was soon well. Some months afterward there was a return of the symptoms; one dose of Arsen., M.M. (Fincke) cured promptly. She has now had no return for many months.

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