Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Two instructive cases from IHA - Dr. J. G. Schmitt, M. D

Women in labor:
Case #1: "September 11, 1882, at 1 A. M. Mrs. J. J. K-multipara, thin, nervous and excitable has had labor pains for two hours. Found her crying, and in a very anxious state; she thought something would happen to her during labor. Os uteri dilated as large as a fifty-cent piece; vagina hot, dry, and tender; labor pains unusually severe. Aconite cm. 1 dose dry. After twenty minutes, restlessness gone; pains less severe and at regular intervals; vagina moist and cooler, with less tenderness; os dilating. Labor now progressed for an hour, without any further disturbance, when she commenced to complain of her back. "Oh, my back! Oh, my back!" The os uteri was then almost dilated and bag of water protruding. The pains, however, became irregular, spasmodic, and instead of bearing down she would cry aloud, "My back!" Causticum cm., one dose dry.

Five minutes after receiving the the medicine she fell into a sound sleep, pains stopped altogether, and nurse remarked: "I guess we are going to have no baby to-night." I answered her that I thought we should have, in a very short time, pretty good pains and the child; and so it was. After a rest of about ten minutes she awoke with a grand bearing down pain, without the backache; the amniotic fluid was discharged, and the next pain brought a well-proportioned male child. I was at home in bed at 3 A. M., thanks to Guernsey and Homoeopathy."

Case II. "September 5, 1884. I saw the the same lady in labor at 8 P. M. Pains had come on gradually during the afternoon. The same symptoms, as in the previous acouchement, called for a dose of Aconite cm., which relieved them, and, an hour later, when the bag of water was ready to rupture, the backache came up, and Causticum cm. made short work, and I was home at 10 P. M. This labor was followed by severe after-pains, with cramps in the toes, which were speedily relieved by a few doses of Cuprum met. cm. in water."

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