Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A wonderful pleurisy case - Dr. Lippe

"On the 13th of October, 1878, I was summoned early in the morning to see Miss T., aged 36. Had been ill all night with violent pains in right side of chest and abdomen, very acute pains, with, first, nausea and sour vomiting, later, vomiting of bile; violent throbbing headache; pulse full and hard, 120 a minute; urine diminished, dark and clear; moderate thirst; skin dry. Aggravation of the pain on motion and when she lies on the painful right side; amelioration when she sits up and leans forward. One dose of Belladonna C M (Fincke) was administered at 9 a.m. The pain diminished soon, the vomiting ceased; the fever was rather more intense from 4 p.m. till 6 p.m. , when perspiration commenced, she was able to lie down, slept well, and was able to sit up next morning without much pain; she took no more medicine, and was well on the 15th of October."

Comments by Dr. Lippe:
"The choice of the remedy was evidently between Bryonia and Belladonna; although the fever was high and the skin dry, Aconite was entirely out of the question, as the characteristic mental symptoms of Aconite were absent. There was evidently present an inflammatory condition of the liver, but the Hepatitis did not indicate a remedy. The Bryonia pains are invariably increased on motion, but are also relieved by lying on the painful side; Belladonna pains are very often increased by motion, but are not relieved, but rather increased, when lying on the painful side; all the other symptoms were to be found under both these remedies, only that Belladonna has a relief from pains in the abdomen when leaning against something hard, and from sitting in a position bending forward (similar to Colocynth). The choice of the remedy was therefore a very easy task, and it required but one dose of the truly homoeopathic remedy to cure the patient."

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