Friday, March 23, 2018

Case of Pleuropneumonia - Dr. Lippe

Mr. T., twenty-six years old, always well, having had but one attack of pneumonia three years ago (under allopathic treatment) was taken sick on Dec. 31st, 1880, and retired early. He passed a very bad night and requested advice early on the morning of Jan. 1st, 1881. He had tossed about his bed all night without sleep, slight stitches in his sides, no cough, much thirst, and felt very much distressed, pulse 96. , On auscultation and percussion nothing abnormal was observed, and it seemed to be a case of pleurisy. One dose of aconite CM. was given at 8 a. m. At 6 p. M. he complained of great dyspnoea. Violent stitches when taking a long inspiration, much aggravation on the motion. Has taken nothing but water all day. When moving he coughs very hard and suffers much pain in the lungs. Pulse 120 per minute, face flushed, head hot and painful. Received one dose of Bryonia CM. At 10 p. m. he began to perspire profusely and continued to do so for thirty-six hours. A cough became loose, his appetite returned, and on the 4th of January, he was well enough to leave his room and go to a friend's house. He has been perfectly well ever since.

Comments: Here we had a clear case of Pleuropneumonia, a "much-dreaded disease on account of the great mortality under allopathic treatment. As it often happens, so in this case, silly and ignorant friends looked despairingly at the simple and plain treatment. There was in their opinion, nothing was done for the sufferer; he surely ought to have a fly-blister clapped over his chest, or should be bled at once, or something energetic should be done to rescue him from certain destruction. Because absolutely nothing was done for him. even an auxiliary mustard plaster being rejected, and a supplementary mustard footbath not be tolerated at all. Despairing, but ill-informed friends left him for the night with regrets that so fine a fellow as he was should so stubbornly reject the means he had seen used before to no good purposes but only to be followed by evil and sad results. when on the second morning, these anxious friends came and were told how much better he felt; when, on the third morning they found him gobbling up a large and luxurious breakfast they were compelled either to own up to the great success of homoeopathy or do, as they often do, take the liberty of declaring that they were mistaken, that he really was not much sick after all, else he could not have so speedily recovered. Nevertheless, they would have blistered him, and now blistered are their tongues for violating common sense, and perverting ordinary logic in order that they may in future keep on plodding along in darkness, and see mankind tortured by unscientific boluses, blisters, and physics; and what will pretenders learn from such a case, pretenders who fly to aconite and Belladonna in alternation because, forsooth, there is fever! Just as much as the fly-blister-worshipers learned in this case—nothing. There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.


  1. Worth receiving rather than just reading. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very much informative case is this as people never accept this speedily recover with homoeopathy

  3. Very much informative case is this as people never accept this speedily recover with homoeopathy