Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Case of pneumonia - William P Wesselhoeft MD

William P Wesselhoeft MD was another exceptional homeopathic physician and colleague of Dr. Lippe's. Here he presents a wonderful case of pneumonia...

"G. W., a girl six years old, has fever, with dry heat, and quick pulse, cough, and dyspnoea. This was for a time relieved by Aconite; but in two days afterwards the following symptoms appeared : Feverish heat and fast pulse; pain in the lumbar region; short, swift breathing; loose cough; much thirst. Auscultation shows faint bronchial breathing in left lower lobe; husky, respiration in left upper lobe; indistinct respiration in right lower lobe; strong resonant respiration in upper right lobe; percussion rather tympanitic on both sides (Pneumonia).

Prescription : Bryonia, three doses, one every six hours.

March 7th. Tongue coated brown; paleness; no appetite; costiveness; urine with strong odor, and sediment reddish, cloudy; quick, dry respiration; auscultation shows respiration less dry on left, and more vesicular and full on the right side, notwithstanding which apparent improvement of chest symptoms the fever has assumed the typhoidal character; patient lies on her back; fever less in the morning; dry heat at night; sleep soporific and restless, with delirium; drinks often and eagerly, but only mouthful satisfies her; pulse small, frequent, and weak; rapid loss of strength.

Prescription : Arsenicum, three doses, one every six hours.
March 8th. Child slept quite comfortably in the night; very little thirst; movement of bowels after enema; pulse much more quiet; moist skin; febrile periods much shorter during the day.
March 9th. Much better; slept quietly and naturally all night; pulse soft; skin and tongue moist; some loose cough; looks quite bright; chest-symptoms are rapidly improving.

From this time the improvement progressed gradually without another prescription. The patient was quite well at the end of a week."

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