Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Case - Dr. Lippe

"Master S., 18 months old, came under our care on the 19th of July, 1879. Had been very sick all night; had very frequently vomited; his bowels had been moved every hour; stools thin green mucus; at times he would cry very loudly and violently for five or ten minutes, but was lying most of the time in heavy stupor, out of which he started with a face very much flushed and red; pulse full, hard, 120 in a minute; had not passed any urine since the previous evening; had no appetite, and refused his usual food, but drank as much water as was offered him. Gave him one dose of Belladonna C M, at noon.

The starting from his sleep and the crying ceased before morning, when I found him paler, sleeping better, had not vomitted any more, stools less frequent, pulse 96. The improvement continued for five days, when he had more pain in the abdomen, stools not frequent, but consisted of very deep green mucus; his thirst had entirely ceased. A few doses of Pulsatilla fully restored him.

Now, I learned that this boy had fallen out of his little carriage about nine months ago; had injured his tibia, and was almost entirely deprived of the use of his leg; he walked seldom, and then only with apparently great pain; the upper part of the tibia was very much inflamed, and pus was discharged from two openings.

The Allopathic family physician had done nothing for the child, and the mother, in her anxiety, had asked a Homoeopathic surgeon (so he calls himself) to see the child. As this surgeon was out of town, I gave the mother three doses of Silicea C M, for the child, to be given morning, noon and night. When the surgeon came about five days later the boy was running about lively, and did not complain of any pain. The surgeon gave it as his opinion that the bone must be laid open and "scraped." The parents finding that the child improved so rapidly under the applied internal treatment, did not consent to the "scraping." The boy has been running about lively ever since (now October 20th), the discharge has almost ceased, and the healing process is rapidly progressing without "local treatment."

Comments from Dr. Lippe:
"Here was a plain case of Cholera-infantum in its worst form. The mental and brain symptoms clearly indicated Belladonna, which also corresponded with all the other symptoms. The effect of a single dose of Belladonna continued for five days; there was no necessity to repeat the dose, and had it been erroneously repeated, the effect of this homoeopathically curative drug, selected on account of its similarity with the symptoms of the sick (acting promptly in this one small dose), would have been to aggravate the case; and when its effects were exhausted, and other symptoms appeared, the next indicated homoeopathic remedy cured the case. The neglected bone, which was injured nine months previously, now came to be treated homoeopathically, and the quick action of the similar remedy (Silicea) saved the boy from unnecessary and unhomoeopathic local treatment."

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